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Financial Management

Cachi Business Solutions offers comprehensive financial management consulting. We assist clients in budgeting, financial forecasting, investment strategies, and risk management, ensuring financial stability and compliance with regulatory standards. Our goal is to optimize our clients’ financial performance and provide insights into sustainable fiscal practices.

Financial Management: Budget planning and management. Financial reporting and analysis. Investment and asset management. Grant and funding management.

  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Assisting the medical association in creating and managing budgets, as well as developing financial forecasts to ensure that the association's financial goals are aligned with its mission and objectives.

  • Financial Planning: Helping the association develop a comprehensive financial plan that outlines strategies for revenue generation, cost control, and long-term financial sustainability.

  • Financial Analysis: Conducting financial analysis to assess the association's current financial health, identify financial strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations for improvement.

  • Investment Management: Advising on the association's investment portfolio, helping them make informed investment decisions, and ensuring that investments align with the organization's risk tolerance and financial goals.

  • Cash Flow Management: Implementing strategies to manage cash flow effectively, ensuring that the association has enough liquidity to meet its operational needs.

  • Tax Planning: Providing guidance on tax strategies and compliance with Canadian tax laws to minimize tax liabilities and maximize tax benefits.

  • Grant and Funding Management: Assisting in identifying and applying for grants, government funding, and other financial opportunities that can support the association's mission and projects.

  • Financial Reporting: Preparing accurate and timely financial reports, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, to keep the association's leadership informed about its financial performance.

  • Internal Controls and Risk Management: Developing and implementing internal controls to safeguard the association's assets and manage financial risks effectively.

  • Compliance and Regulatory Support: Ensuring that the association complies with all relevant financial regulations, including those specific to non-profit organizations and the healthcare sector.

  • Cost Management: Identifying cost-saving opportunities and optimizing the association's spending to enhance financial efficiency.

  • Debt Management: Advising on debt management strategies, including when and how to take on debt, and helping the association secure favorable financing options when needed. *Use of third party.

  • Financial Training and Education: Offering financial training and educational programs for the association's staff and leadership to improve financial literacy and decision-making.

  • Strategic Financial Planning: Aligning financial strategies with the association's strategic goals and helping them adapt to changing economic conditions.

  • Audit Preparation: Assisting with the preparation for financial audits, ensuring compliance with audit requirements, and addressing any audit findings.

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